Mas Bonvilar is surrrounded by forests and gardens. It was discreetly and soberly built, in the heart of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and the Obac. Its history dates back to the 17 th century. Mas Bonvilar is a splendid property located in the parish of Sant Julià d´Altura – a municipality of Sant Pere in Terrassa. Josep Bonvilar i Boguñà – the owner of the house- upon his death left the house to his son, Joan Bonvilar, as an inheritance. Among Joan Bonvilar´s 13 children, María Bonvilar, the elder sister, inherited the house after the death of her brother Josep and her sister Julia.

Maria Bonvilar got married with Josep Solà i Barrera- the heir of Can Solà de la Font, a property located in the municipality of Matadepera- in 1745. Maria, named her son Josep Solà i Bonvilar heir of the house in her testament. Since then the property of Mas Bonvilar has been transmitted from generation to generation and nowadays it belongs to Antoni and Joan Solà Brujas.