• All the spaces in Mas Bonvilar will be exclusively reserved the day of the event.
  • Parking lot in the Masia guarded by cameras 24hours per day. The parking has a capacity of 300 vehicles (including coaches)
  • Security service during the event
  • Person in charge from the beginning until the end of the even


  • Lights for the garden during the aperitif
  • Chill out furniture made of pallets and dark brown cushions
  • Battery buffet lamps: 9 units available



Midday weddings: The disco service ends at 23:00 p.m. The Masia will close at 23:30 p.m.

Evening weddings: The disco service ends at 4:00 a.m. The Masia will close at 4:30 a.m.


SOUND & Dj's

Splendid Events will provide the sound equipment in order to keep to sound regulations. This company is responsible for the supply and the assembly of the equipment in the areas where the wedding is going to take place and to assist the Dj chosen by you for your wedding.



The couple will take charge of the payment of the SGAE. These are the current rates:

€ 75 up to 75 people. Beyond 45 people the couple will have to pay an extra € 0, 60 per person


You will have to request previous authorization from Mas Bonvilar for the installation or assembly of equipment or elements such as sound, lighting, projections, decorations, tents, music groups, fireworks or any unusual service.



Mas Bonvilar will be reserved with the payment of the first amount agreed in the contract. If this first payment is not done the day stipulated in the contract the reservation of the Masia and its spaces will not come into effect.



The responsibility for any considerable damage to the Masia corresponds to the people who have signed the contract to use it.

Mas Bonvilar has an indoor car park guarded by security cameras. However, it is not responsible for the objects left inside the vehicles or their condition during the period of time they remain parked in the parking lot.



All Dj´s –including all those not added on the list provided by Mas Bonvilar- will work with the equipment provided by Mas Bonvilar. The use of the equipment is subjected to the payment of a charge that will include the assistance of a technician who will be in charge of the equipment used in the location and its spaces. Furthermore, the technician will provide technical assistance to the Dj the day of the wedding.