El Patio

The Patio is one of the most special areas of Mas Bonvilar. Its beauty makes the venue ideal for receptions, cocktails, banquets for approximately a hundred people. Moreover, the space is suitable for organizing chill out parties and discos. The Patio is a space with charm and a lot of personality. It is located in the center of the Masia with the sound of the water that comes from the well, all the flora and trees that surround this space and the garlands of light that provides warmth and charm to the place.

We offer the possibility of celebrating parties outside of the Masia, always following basic assembly regulations and adjusting the volume of the music to the specifications of every space. Hence you will enjoy the beauty of summer nights and your smokers and non-smokers guests will be able to gather in the same space. The dance area can be set up in the area facing the Masia. The bar, the Chill out area and the photo call can be placed at both sides of the Patio. 

Area: 150 m2 - Banquet 90 people - Cocktail / Chillout 200 people